Financial Concepts and Solutions LLC
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$500,000 to $10 Million Available

Our Policy

*Honesty: To be completely honest with all of our clients, whether they are the borrower or the money lenders.

*Misrepresentations: All phases of the lending process are supported by proof through documentations; we will not make false misrepresentation to the money lenders or to our clients.

*Misleading the Client: Our financial brokers will not mislead their clients in thinking we are money lenders because we are not. If the loan request sounds unreasonable, weak and the equity in the properties is to low, we will be honest in our business practice and will inform the client as to the feasibility of the loan. 

*Guarantee: We never give any of our clients a guarantee that their loan will be approved and funded. Through our creative financing we will do our best to search for the right loan. But we have no control in the decision making in approving an application, so we can give no guarantee.

*Fees: We do not charge up-front fees for our service. Our fees are paid only if we produce the financing (loan) the client needs. Once the financing closes we are paid for our services out of escrow.

Note: We are available 24/7 and for your comfort we will come to your office to discuss your needs in financing